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Which Courses You Want To Learn This Winter

Which Courses You Want To Learn This Winter at 999

December 09, 2019

Shaping up your career is the most important thing to consider while you are going to become a professional in the It industry. Only getting yourself a degree from graduation will never make you compatible to be a professional in the industry and you need proper guidance to shape up your career. There are a number of courses which you can opt for including App Development, Web Development, and Digital Marketing. However, Eppeok offers you the best courses only at 999 for the best Android development courses. Here is a guide through the courses which you can go to get the best experience.

App Development

If you are opting to choose an app development course, you can get some options from Android Development, iOS Development, and Hybrid development. The salary packages for a professional are relatively higher than any of the other courses. So undergoing these courses will help you a lot.

a) Android

Opting for an Android development course means that you can get several options like JAVA programming language and also Android OS development. These are the core two subjects that we teach precisely for you to understand Android development. Apart from this, our specific courses also include building applications with Android and learning app development. So if you are eager to learn Android development, this course will help you.

b) IOS Development

IOS Development is a completely different type of development that is specifically used for developing apps on iOS devices. This course will contain specific subjects like iPhone and iPad Anatomy for you to understand how the OXS works. Similar to Java, the working platform for iOS is Xcode. So with the help of proper iOS Development courses, you can learn both these elements. Apart from this, we also provide specific courses on Objective-C for experienced programmers to develop their skills.

c) Hybrid App Development

The Hybrid App Development course is a mixture of both the Android App development as well as the IOS App development. In this course, we provide a syllabus for covering both the platforms where you can get specific courses based on subjects like JavaScript, Angular JS 7, Ionic framework and JQuery. Apart from this, we specifically teach our students with several subjects like web development courses and the different aspects of app development.


Opting for proper courses will allow you to get the best out of your career before joining any IT course. Apart from just opting for any graduation courses, being specific about programming languages or app development courses will kick start your career in a flash. It creates up several opportunities for you to find a lucrative salary package for your job. Follow this guide on Which Courses You Want to Learn This Winter at 999/- and  499/- know more.

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