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Type of Digital Marketing

What are the “must know” topics on digital marketing

February 25, 2019

Digital Marketing is very broad and diverse, it comprises of marketing through various electronic mediums. Some Mediums used for digital marketing include SEO (search engine optimization), Email marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Influencer / Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Radio advertising, Television advertising, Mobile advertising and Video marketing.

Each of the above mediums have unique features and are used in combinations to achieve best results. Businesses combine and plan techniques as per the customer base they aim to reach.

However, few of the most popular and most common digital marketing mediums are –:

1. SEO: It is a technique of ensuring that your webpages and content feature high on google when relevant keywords are searched. Webpages, articles, blogs and contents are developed using various techniques allowing your website to feature on top in search results.

For example if you sell cosmetics online, keywords like “ Best Brand Cosmetics”, “Light on pocket cosmetics” etc can help you feature on top in search results. You can post videos with consumers using your products, you can write blogs relating to the cosmetic industry which would help you create your brand awareness among customers and link these blogs to your website.

SEO is a popular form of digital marketing and most commonly used along with social media marketing to increase online visibility. For more information on SEO and its importance you can visit our blog Why is SEO important.

2.Pay per click (PPC): PPC is basically paid search, in which adverts are placed on organic search results. Each time the ad is clicked and the visitor visits the website then the advertiser pays a fee to the search engine. The cost depends upon the advertising space for certain keywords on search engines.

This can be very profitable for businesses, you only pay a nominal amount, say $4 dollar for a single click, but the visitor might give you a sale of $400 when he visits your website.

Relevant and judiciously targeted campaigns can help you earn huge profits, hence it becomes imperative to learn how to do it in the right manner

3.Social Media Marketing: We are all aware how powerful social media is growing to be. Its outreach to masses has made it the most preferred choice for digital marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat are few of the most popular and relevant platforms as social media influencers.

Regular updates and constant engagement among target audience helps in brand building and selling services and products.

To know more on social media marketing please visit Is Social Media Marketing and Digital marketing same?

4.Email Marketing: The fact that almost everyone has an email address makes this form of marketing also very popular. Inviting audience to sign up for newsletters via bulk emails and ensuring users visit your website. Constant updates and communication helps keep the user informed about your products, services and offers. Email marketing also allows you personalize messages as per the individual interests of the customers.

5.Content Marketing: Creating, publishing and circulating content among your target audience is what content marketing does. A combination of videos, blogs and social media content that brings interest among the customers and stimulates business is the goal of a good content marketing strategy.

Content could be a useful piece of information for your customer, the main goal is to engage the customer and create an awareness of your brand existence. Marketing strategies are futile without good content. Content marketing forms the basis of SEO, Social Media marketing, PPC campaigns and so on.

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