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Web Development

Web Development and the Career opportunities

December 11, 2018

In the age to digital world where our smallest of needs our fulfilled online, right from our groceries to electronics at our home. All businesses are going online, because that is the best possible way to sustain in the market. Growing its online visibility has become primary motive for any business.

There are more than 1.25 billion websites online with thousands more added each day.

The above scenario has opened a wide array of options for our generation to choose Information technology as a career option.  An increasing number of young enthusiasts are looking for career options in web development, heading towards institutes to be accredited with the mark of being an expert in their area of interest.

A career in IT is rich in growth with extensive possibilities fulfilling both personal and social needs. All you have to do is choose your area of interest and expertise ranging from web development, mobile applications, web applications, web designing, digital marketing and so on.

Number of web development courses are available online, to help you get started with your career. However, to actually land your dream job one does not only need adequate knowledge but also ample amount of work exposure that helps you build enough experience for on the job scenarios. As believed by any organisation, only 30% of your knowledge or training helps you on the job, rest 70% comes when you are on the floor dealing with clients and real time work pressure.

We at EIT, ensure our students get enough “on the floor” experience to help them face real time situations at their work place. A job guaranteed course, based on several screenings from our end to help you place in an environment apt for your growth.

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