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Top 10 Most Popular Professional Courses in India

May 15, 2019

The IT sector is the most significant private sector among the employers for decades giving plentiful of modern trending career alternatives for work searchers and students.

Let us discuss the top 10 professional courses that you can pursue as a career in IT.

1. Mobile app development:

  • The demand for mobile applications has increased in every business. It indicates the significance of the technique by which the app software is designed for smartphones.
  • You will get a chance to work as an App designer, and on gaining experience, you may work as a project director dealing with different app development projects after doing this course. You can get online training where you’ll get instructions in mobile app development.

2. Application development/ Web programming

  • This course presents the technical requirements and ideas of the businesses and prepares the learners with sources for designing, development, production, evaluation of web apps and methodologies to find the sources. You will get information about the web application process and a lot more.
    It is a tough web design career course for planning a cross-browser and better-looking interface.
  • If you’re seeking to have a career in internet sites building, mobile and web apps, then this can be the best course for you. IT companies and commerce entrepreneurs are hiring front-end engineers with open hands.

3. Microsoft Technologies:

  • Microsoft technologies are high in ubiquity these days. You’ll be able to be a database engineer or an MS technology developer after passing one or different certifications, like MCSE, MCAD, and others.
  • For the development of applications, MCITP falls to be the most excellent for the beginners as well as for the designers who have reached advanced level of expertise.

4. Digital Marketing:

  • The rising drift of digitizing businesses has made the requirement for a new kind of experts: ones well-versed within the industry and art of digital marketing.
  • You can have digital marketing training by an e-course online or by hands-on training working under a person having a successful digital marketing experience. There are many web classes and courses accessible online.

5. Project management (PMP):

  • Ifyou are willing to make a career in ProjectManagement, then PMP certification holds global benchmarks of brilliance for certifying the capacities and information vital in a project management team.
  • Being an industry certified course, it makes a differencein how individualsrecognize and know the technicalities of project management at a grand And you can start your career in every kind of industry.

6. Database administration (DBA):

  • In case you’re seeking out for a work profile that amalgamates your love for Data Technology and modern technology, along with your communication and problem-solving abilities, then the Database administration course is ideal for you.
  • DBA is a fundamental procedure within the software field of computing.

7. SQT (Software Quality Testing) Automation

  • Software Quality Testing is a methodology wherein the programming devices actualize the pre-scripted tests before taking it further to the production stage. Testing the automation software is the most idealized way to improve the adequacy, effectiveness, and scope of software testing.

8. DevOps:

  • The course grantsyou to exploreand experience the development of Business Information Systems. A Database is the central angle of a business information system. You will be exposed to database objects and capacities which are maximized to make an organization application.

9. AWS:

  • With the AWS Online Course, you will learn how to plan, strategize and rank the AWS Cloud execution with Amazon’s best hones. The course has been outlinedto assistthe students in urging in detail knowledge of Amazon Web Administrations and helps you to rise as a top-notch AWS proficient.

10. Advanced Java Frameworks:

  • AdvancedJava Systemscourse is made to provide complete information to those who want a career as a fully skilled Java Engineer. The course provides knowledge of Java frameworks which is required to design a complete application of Java EE, and is being broadly utilized within the software division.


There are many trending career oriented computer program course alternatives for freshers, and you’re bound to have a great job within the coming decades. The courses mentioned above have a spectacular scope and you will gradually see a rise in pay scale too and train yourself for becoming an expert.

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