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tips to get hired

Tips to get hired!

March 06, 2019

Hiring is an important process for both a company and an employee. Not getting hired for a long period of time makes a fresher demotivated. Also, long breaks in between job change can have an adverse effect on your career graph.

Hiring is a tiring process for a company and for an employee too. Getting the right candidates who sustain in the company can be challenging. Landing the right profile with desired pay can be arduous for an employee. A perfect balance of skill, knowledge, communication, confidence, and training can definitely get you hired.

Presentation and simplicity of your resume play a major role in getting shortlisted: 

Before even the interviewer meets you in person, he or she goes through your resume. Keep it simple, specific, real and to the point. A resume is not the right place to pin down a thesis on your life and family history.

One of the most important factors for any candidate to consider is to be explicit for the job profile he/she is rooting for:

A baffled candidate, not sure with his or her career aims can be a big turn off for employers. It is important to know and understand your role and participation in the company for a particular profile. It sets the expectations correct between both the parties from the very beginning.

Research is an important component while you are looking for a job: 

When you face interaction with the panel of interviewers from the company, it is important to know about the brand, its values, and its aims. It clearly shows how well aware and keen you are.

Ask questions, be proactive, be real, stay informed and maintain eye contact:  

It shows how engaged and confident you are. The way you sit, greet and conduct yourself creates a lasting impression on the management. You should not talk negative about your previous job or employer, it makes the interviewer question what you will say about them and their organization down the line.

Keep the above triggers in mind, and they will surely help you crack through interviews.

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