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How does the Digital Marketing Institute help in Career Building?

If you are looking to any growing progressive job field then definitely digital marketing is the field which is the most beneficial today. To keep this mind different Digital Marketing Institute is available in the market now. All kinds of transactions like online buying, selling, promotions etc. are going via online transactions which is a part of […]

Be an expert in Social Media Marketing!

Social Media marketing is an important component of digital marketing, its growing importance is inevitable. The increase in the number of users on social media has made it an attractive choice for Digital Marketers. EIT is offering short term course in social media marketing, our training program introduces our students to the methods and techniques […]

Digital Marketing : A booming career choice for freshers

Digital Marketing is the next big thing in the market. As per reports digital marketing is going to generate 20 lakh jobs in the coming years. An organization is going to spend one-fourth of its entire spend on digital media in the coming two years. As internet traffic is increasing, so is the market for […]

Do Short Term courses give you edge over others?

Short term certificate programs can be pursued in addition to your graduation or post-graduation programs. These are completed in a short span of time and help in enhancing an individual’s career in a number of positive ways right from getting better pay to competing for a better position. Short Term courses are pursued by freshers […]

Is Social Media Marketing and Digital marketing same?

Social Media marketing is the usage of social media platforms for marketing, it is gaining popularity owing to the growing users of smartphones and eventually social media accounts. SMM targets users from all age groups due to its diverse age group engagement. SMM includes promoting business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, […]