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Get your interview etiquette on point!

Interview etiquettes refer to a basic code of conduct and behavior one must have while he or she is getting interviewed. It includes how you dress, greet, behave, interact, sit and so much more. What if you are nervous? Do not worry! It is an obvious emotion. There is nothing wrong with being nervous. But […]

Communication: a dark horse in your career

Communication is an essential tool in your workplace, it helps you build relations at all levels in an organization. Professionals who invest time and effort in communicating effectively have a growing career graph. Communication as a medium both verbal and non-verbal helps build trust among peers, seniors, and customers eventually leading to healthy relationships and […]

IT industry: An industry beyond skills

IT industry is continuously evolving with new inventions, gadgets and research. This fast paced industry requires individuals who are keen on being at par with its changing environment. The industry has had its lows and highs, but we cannot hide away from the fact that how has it changed our daily life and has become […]