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Mobile App Development

Ring in New Year with Mobile Application Development Training

January 30, 2019

As we are headed towards new beginnings in, wonder how the year is going to be for tech lovers! Mobile Application is turning out to be the latest trend in the industry.

IT industry is headed towards m-commerce because mobile is everywhere.

Starting from Games, Shopping, Social media, Google Apps (Maps, Gmail, and Search), Educational apps, Beauty apps and so on.

As per statistics, 54% of a user’s time is spent on mobile applications. The remaining 34% on desktop and 9% on mobile web. An average user spends 2-3 hrs per day on apps. As per the above findings, it is palpable how flourishing the future of mobile application is going to be. It has become a favourable choice among job seekers. You could be an expert in iOS development or Android Development as per your interest.

Mobile application is gaining popularity among business owners, whether it is an e-commerce company, medical service provider or transport provider. Owning to the convenience mobile applications offer, even businesses are ready to source their funds on mobile applications. This is contributing to large job opportunities in this domain.

Mobile applications for businesses are allowing business to be readily available to a huge number of consumers, it is reducing the gap between businesses and consumers leading to a healthy relationship in future.

Gartner anticipates 200 of world’s largest companies will develop intelligent apps within next one year.Some popular integrated apps like Bluesmart App, which allows us to get location of the suitcases from anywhere for free, Ring Video Doorbell (Open door from anywhere), apps designed to control our air conditioners, television sets and music devices at our home. Mobile applications is offering advanced technology for our experience at the click of our fingers.

At EIT, we are offering advanced mobile application development courses both on iOS and Android for our students. Get in touch with us and we can help you start your new year with this flourishing career opportunity.

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