Placement Assured Programmes

Placement is a huge concern nowadays among Graduates and fresher’s. Placement makes one more confident and kick-starts their career early. It ensures you get the best as per your capability and skill.
We at EIT are offering courses with assured placement opportunities. Before we schedule an interaction of our students with the hiring companies, we do series of screening at our end to make sure you are fully confident when you face the employer. Getting placed in your dream company, requires a lot more than just your academics expertise. It requires you to be fully confident in all aspects, right from your first round of interview till you get hired and going forth. Communication, organisational skills, team work, time management, handling work pressure are few of the most important qualities companies look for in their employees.

At EIT we strive to instil the above qualities in our students by introducing them to live projects, allowing them to take the lead and ensuring successful completion.
Our placement assured programmes are designed to help you land your dream job and start earning as soon as you successfully complete your module.

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