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Letter From Grant
June 2020

Can you imagine making a million dollars a year from home? There was a time when I couldn’t imagine it, and now, I do a million almost every week. Please don’t take this as bragging because it isn’t. The reality is you can’t make real money if no one knows you. I spent the first twenty years of my career not knowing this and it cost me millions of dollars. Today anyone can make money, even if all they have is a computer and a phone.

I am not a famous celebrity, actor, or athlete, I am a sixty year old man from a small town in Louisiana who figured out how to monetize online. Just last year, I crowdfunded a brand new startup and raised $250,000,000, while I was starting the new company I sold another $55m in educational products and services. All of this was possible because I learned how to manipulated YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In.

Truth is I don’t know anything about coding, building websites, funnels, running a/b test, or buying advertising.
I didn’t need to I know how to raise money and sell products online.

Before you accuse me of bragging, understand I personally have raised more money online than any person alive. Three hundred sixty million dollars for a start up. Once you learn how to get know and get your message out, you can do the same even more. The only thing keeping you from doing so is understanding how to get known, how to market online, and how big you can think.

I have spent millions of dollars learning how to play this game.
How would you like to get a peek behind the curtain to the SECRETS we have discovered how to:
– Build a Brand without buying followers
– Sell out the most profitable live events in the world
– Crowdfund $300M to buy almost $1B in real estate
– Make two million dollar in two hours doing live webinars

While I am not promising you will raise 1/3 of a billion dollars online, I do promise to share with you everything, no holds bar, I have learned to build my audience online and the exact strategies we employ to market to them.

You are qualified to join if you can answer yes to these questions:
Do you have desire to make money online?
Are you teachable and willing to take direction?
Are you willing to invest seven hours?

If the answer to all is YES join the 10X Marketing mentor program and I will show you how I have done it.
Forbes called me the #1 Business influencer in the world. What Forbes didn’t tell you was how much money I made.

That’s what matters. There are a lot of guys with more followers who get more likes ——I want to teach you HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

I can’t promise you will make millions but I guarantee investing in the 10X Marketing Mentor Program is a better investment than going to college.

I am often asked, “What would you do if you were 20 years old, had no money and no one knew you?”
The answer is always the same:

1) get a mentor
2) become a genius at online marketing

Today, without a high school diploma or college education, or even a job and just a phone, a computer and a burning desire YOU can make millions of dollars using social media.

Join me for this EXCLUSIVE LOOK behind the multi-million dollar marketing strategies we use at my companies. I will be there to answer your questions & personally guide you to your online profits.

Grant Cardone
CEO, Cardone Enterprises