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Looking for a career in web designing?

January 08, 2019

Employment of web developers and designers is projected to grow 20 percent from 2012 to 2022, as per the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. As we move towards the 21st century, the need for web designers will increase by massive margin, owing to the fast paced digitization the world is moving towards, designers need to tailor their designs specifically for high resolution monitors. Very few people nowadays have a  4k screen at their disposal.

Average web designers just make each new site similar to the next with few customer-specific changes. Experienced web designers, however, know that time and effort delivers the best results.

One needs to be creative, innovative, adaptive and observant to succeed as a web designer.

The look and feel of a website depends on the designers. It becomes very important for designers to understand the primary motive behind the website building, the target audience and the medium the website will be viewed on (desktops or mobile devices).

A web-page that is crisp, clean and easy to update is well appreciated. A thorough knowledge on CSS is also needed when it comes to styling. Additionally knowledge of SEO plays an important role for a website designer, since a website load time impacts SEO and hence the performance of the website.

Choosing the right animations, designs, amount of colours should be chosen wisely for a website to perform in the best possible manner. A heavy loaded website could not only create a delay but may look too clumsy to the user.

A web designer should give equal importance to the content on the website and make sure all the hyperlinks and information work in a seamless manner. An ability to read users mind and learning what works and what does not.

Web designer should be able to speak and communicate with its audience with its design, layout and content, this is only possible if the designer is well aware about its target audience.Choosing web designing as a career requires right amount of skills, training and exposure.

At Eppeok Institute of Technology our experienced faculty strive to get you rolling effortlessly as a web designer, providing all the necessary guidance and industry exposure.

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