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Web Designing for beginners

Know about this Best Web Designing Training for Beginners in Kolkata

June 25, 2019

In today’s era of cut throat competitive web world, web designing is not an easy task. If you are thinking to excel in web designing profession, then it is vital that you procure those set of skills and their applications.

We bring you answers to these questions like “What are the web designing technologies”, ‘training that a beginner should undergo and the best web design course and institute to learn from.

Web designing technologies for beginners in our institute

If you are looking for a leading institute, then Eppeok- the best web designing training institute in Kolkata is the right pick for you as it offers special training to beginners that verse the students with latest and traditional web designing technologies popularly in use these days; along with elementary education in web designing. Our training involves the following technologies –

HTML/HTML 5 – The basic of web designing is HTML. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the paradigm mark up language for documents designed for web browser. Various advance tags to HTML too are introduced. Our best web designing training in Kolkata involves studies of these tags and the best modes to write HTML TAGS.

 Ace CSS framework to learn – Our training comprises of CSS Syntax which is the fundamental requirement of web designing course. However, various ready to use CSS framework too have been introduced by us. Bootstrap and Bulma are widely used frameworks that have proved its efficiency so far and our training involves comprehensive study of these two.

Best Javascript framework to learnOur training categorically includes Javascript to guarantee expertise in web designing. Javascript is a scripting language which is used to fetch functionality for clients and validation. This is not just all; it facilitates more work with a range of browsers, devices, server side scripting and Ajax calls.  It is the most stretchy script that can go on well with all kinds of technologies and scripting languages like python, php, and asp etc. JavaScript is limitless in fact.

JQuery, React.js, Angular.js,Backbone.js, Ember.js, Vue.js, Node JS, typescript are some popular Javascipts that we make sure to equip our students to   empower them to excel as a web designer.

Web API for web designing

After becoming a web designer, you may face many times when you need to pass user data to server or obtain data from server with the use of JavaScript. So  it gets extremely vital for you to know how to consume Web API and use in Javascript.

Web API can be penned down in different languages, but the final data is received and sent in form of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). It aids candidates to create a compact UI that the end user would be fascinated with. It assists in giving fantastic experience to them improving the business effectiveness eventually.

Eppeok’s web designing training in Kolkata would surely guide you to make a successful web designing career in this competitive world. With nominally priced web designing course fee, we aim to cater the best training offering expertise and proficiency to our students for sure.



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