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IOS Development: Future of App Development

January 02, 2019

Technology and its users are ever changing and evolving, starting from the Symbian OS of Nokia, Bada OS of Samsung to Android and IOS. Apple and its loyal users will only grow in the near future, and so will the demand of IOS developers. According to Indeed, a popular job portal, the average salary for iOS professionals is 68% higher than the average salary for other job postings.

Indeed reports that the iOS professionals draw about 98,000 USD per annum.

75% of Smartphone market has Android users but Apple still prevails when it comes to paying capacity of clients. Apple users are more willing to pay on an app than android users. When a user downloads an android app, some may work some may not. However, iOS app works smoothly and with great user experience.

Even businesses prefer their app to be first launched in iOS, keeping in mind how user friendly the apps are. The much smoother experience the customers have with the app, beneficial it is for the business.

A successful app depends on various parameters starting from its development to end user experience. Swift is being used for iOS development, which again delivers great results with minimum coding. The computer intercepts the language better, hence making it delightful for the developers.

The developer support and tools offered by Apple is way ahead as compared to all the other operating systems including Android. Usage of iOS is limited to a fixed number of devices, hence making the procedure bug free as compared to Android where various types of devices with different screen size, brands and platforms are used. Beside iOS developers there are many other way to develop iOS apps, like cross platform app development using PhoneGap and Xamarin.

We see how iOS development is far ahead from the others in the league, it is here to stay and bloom.

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