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How to crack your campus interview?

March 15, 2019

Campus interview holds a very special place in a student’s life. Getting placed in your campus interview marks an important milestone in your career. Landing your dream job in your dream company can be a life-changing experience.

Here are some quick tips that can help you with the right approach.

Before you face an interview, you have to first set your goals correct. You need to know what you really want from the opportunity, job satisfaction or high remuneration. Be clear and specific in your mind. Do not just jump into an interview just because the majority of students are lined up for a particular company. Your first job gives you a transformative experience.

Do your research! Do not just blindly succumb to any vague information about organizations and recruiters. Half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Get your facts correct and believe in your decision and choice. Nobody can make a better decision for you better than yourself.

Be informed about the recruitment process. Every organization has a different recruitment procedure. Some organizations opt for group discussions, some prefer going for written tests and so on. After you have made a choice of your organization, do some research and be well-informed of the procedures.

Do not copy your resume from your peers. Resume holds a very important place in the recruitment drive (you can read more on the importance of a resume in our blog Get some resume help!). Have an individual approach while drafting your resume. Write what are your skills, your aims, objectives and future aspirations. Do not just fill in any information that your friends suggest or something that sounds fancy or aspirational.

Every candidate is different and so is their interview process. Any preconceived notion about the interview process can only make the process more difficult and confusing.

Make the most of your first employment opportunity.

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