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How to become a social media pro in just 3 months

June 25, 2019

To stay ahead in a constantly- changing field, it’s important for social media marketers to have latest training and in-depth understanding of the platforms and tools that work the most. Social media used to be very complicated and is not just merely about likes, comments and posts. But now, a successful and lucrative career in social media is possible. The best digital marketing training institutes can guide and assist you with that. You can now get the social media and digital marketing course in Kolkata at Eppeok.

Be a digital marketing professional by joining our course involving information and training on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogging, and emailing. Our course facilitates not just more followers, but the right type of followers that can assist you to establish you as a   social and digital media expert.

Our training programme throws the light on the knack of building relationships via social media and flourishes skills to optimize social media ads, fabricating ideal blog content and skills to enhance traffic to your blog, and emailing to increase traffic to your site. We assure proficiency that would guide in finding clients, fabricate proposals, tips to price your services, and much more.

Certification is the best mode to cater confidence to individuals about their skills and also is an ideal way to convince an employer about your aptitude to craft and execute successful social media strategy.

 Our Digital marketing certificate programme

Our digital marketing certificate programme offers practical course with industry-recognized certifications to enable you to become the best social media marketer.

The best way to commence social marketing training is to join the best digital marketing course that will provide you knowledge about basics of social media marketing i.e. generating your audience, fixing KPIs, and formulating a content strategy. After you are through with our previous course on fundamentals, you can go on to appear for the certification exam to establish yourself as an expert and enlist yourself as a certified professional.

Our three month course in Digital marketing

Our three-month program is designed to kick start your line of business as a digital marketer. The program covers necessary skills for leading social platforms along with providing comprehensive view of the digital marketing world. It’s a blend of modules and practical assignments, just like evaluating your own campaigns, and conducting a SEO audit.

Our digital marketing course goes ahead of skill-building too. After the completion of the program, we provide career support too which makes us the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata. Eppeok aids you to connect with leading prospective employers of the realm of digital marketing. We also provide digital marketing portfolio of your completed projects to showcase your professional potency.

Our course comprises of:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising with Facebook Blueprint
  • Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Evaluation and Optimization with Google Analytics

We ensure successful career in digital marketing to all candidates enrolled with us. Be the expert of digital marketing in just 3 months.

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