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Job Training

How important is on-job-training?

January 07, 2019

“Books are a man’s best friend”

This phrase is familiar to all of us and it is true too. However, as a trainee no matter how thorough we are with our study materials and presentations we somehow fail when working with real time clients. Once we actually start working for clients in fully professional environment things look quite different from what we have learnt, practised or have been taught.

The above situation can grow worse for an employee if he fails to cope up with the work environment and pressure. Meeting deadlines, last minute changes and client expectations can put you through a lot of pressure in your workplace and no amount of book knowledge can help you slip through the pressure.

As very well said by Confucius “If all I do is hear, I will forget. If I hear and see, I will remember. If I hear, see and do, I will understand.” This is what on-job-training does. On-job-training (OJT) helps employees to do their job with given set of instructions and guidance. It helps them to get accustomed to the working environment.

On-the-job training also improves learning retention. Its training uses the existing workplace tools, machines, documents, equipment, and knowledge to teach an employee how to effectively do his job. It may be conducted by a co-worker, a senior or even an external instructor in case of few special projects.

For a fresher, OJT is as important as his or her course material. It gives a fresher an insight into the industry they would be stepping into. It also helps them to choose and decide which area or department they want to see themselves in future and choose their best fit.

We at Eppeok Institute Technology, understand the corporate pressure our students have to go through once they are in the industry.

Hence, our curriculum introduces you to real time work environment. You are trained and guided to help meet real time client expectations. It helps you to judge yourself on various parameters including your course knowledge, soft skills, team management and so much more.

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