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How Google Analytics Help to Create Buyers Persona For Business?

September 30, 2019

Do you want to get accurate metrics of social media followers? Knowing and researching your audience is very important to promote any brand. Whether you are a marketing professional or a Business Entity, having a buyer persona on social media is very important if you wish to get accurate results and target the right set of audience. How many people are interested in your niche? How many people are present where your business can reach? Can you have potential growth in online marketing? All these questions sum up the growth of a business and a brand. Thus, it is very important to create a buyer persona for your business. This guide on How Google Analytics Help to Create Buyers Persona for Business will surely help you to reach your goals.

Why Buyer Personas?


It is not always about instincts and marketing skills that develop a brand. It is all about the analytics and the metrics that work out great to promote a brand. With the help of proper and personalized data, it becomes easier for the brands and businesses to target their audience and get proper results. This is the reason why the Buyer Persona is just one of the most important things to consider.


1. Research Your Website Traffic by Keyword

Using proper keywords to target your audience can bet the best strategy to reach out to people. Try it out by opening Google Analytics. You can simply go to Acquisition and then to All Traffic. Select the Google/Organic option to start the metrics. You can now set the secondary dimension to Keyword which will help you to get the accurate results at the same time. This section shows your keyword searches and also the analytics on how much traffic is coming to your site because of the keywords. It also helps you to keep a track record of analysis over a long time. Though most of the referring keywords may be set up as not provided, the remaining data will be enough for you to get started.


2. Find User Similarities in Search Traffic

Try to go through the keywords and even you can import it from the Google Analytics for Business. You can filter them and then group them according to the themes of the categories. For example, if you are looking to the market for fashion goods, you can create categories like clothing, accessories, footwear, and others as well. You can also set out categories according to the locations or the different purposes which makes it great to use. Once you create the categories, you can easily use them to determine what types of people are searching for these terms. This will give you a clear idea of what your target should be. Thus, creating an accurate Buyers Persona with Google Analytics becomes very helpful.


3. Define Buyer Personas by Social Channel

Once you have sorted out the buyers’ persona according to the categories and the subset, it is the time to use the referral traffic data for your social media channels. You can easily do this with the Analytics report to create a prototype for the number of audience members. This is very helpful for each of the social media channels. To get this done, you need to get back to Google Analytics and go the Acquisition section. Just click on the All Referrals and choose the landing page. This will give you real-time data for the metrics. You can easily download this data into a spreadsheet and then group the landing based on the social channels. This strategy helps the marketing professionals to determine which kind of content goes the best with the number of followers from the channel.


4. Fill out Social Details for Your Personas

Only getting the details along with Google Analytics will not be the result that you are looking for. In fact, you need to get a step further and then personalize the data according to what your fans and followers want. Looking for the ideal metrics will help you to get how your followers on the different social channels describe their needs and your business is meeting them or not. However, you can also use the Twitter Analysis for the same but it is only efficient for the Twitter platform. You can even find different analytics reposts from the different social media platforms, but taking the help of Google Analytics will give you the accurate results of organic traffic. This means that you can always end up in creating perfect strategies for your business.



Getting good marketing results can be so effective for any brand or business. Even if you are a professional or a fresher, using the Google Analytics Help to Create Buyers Persona for Business will always help you to get better results. You can know more from here.

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