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EIT Grooming

Grooming and the impact it creates

February 22, 2019

What is grooming?

A word that we come across so many times personally and professionally. Grooming is an individual responsibility and is a continuous process, be it in your personal life or professional life.

Grooming includes your physical look, behavioral approach, social etiquettes, and professionalism, brushing all of the above from time to time is what grooming does.

It includes a basic feature like how you dress for an interview to how you handle a tricky situation at your workplace. No matter how basic it is, good grooming helps create positive impressions.

Why is grooming important?

A well-groomed person not only creates a positive and lasting impression, but it also shows how self-care and self-respect are important for you. Which is an attractive trait in an employee that an employer is looking for, it shows how well aware you are? Not that a person shabbily dressed can be questioned on his skills, knowledge, and competency but definitely a well-dressed person with the same amount of skill and knowledge holds a better chance to land a particular job.

Well-Dressed? How do you define this term? Well dressed in no way means wearing high-end branded clothes or shoes which can put you on EMI’s even before you get hired. Well-dressed simply means to be appropriately dressed and conduct oneself in his or her best behavior. It not only creates a good impression to the person standing next to you but also boosts your confidence, makes you feel good and grabs a positive attitude.

Basic etiquettes and mannerisms make one more likable among peers. It not only helps you in your relationship with your colleagues but also with your seniors. Right from how you physically carry yourself and how you conduct yourself professionally.

How you present yourself tells the world who you are and how to treat you without having to say a word. It has the power to build great relations and can start many amazing conversations. Grooming leads to some great opportunities.

EIT intends to not only train its students academically but also grooms its students to help them understand its relevance.

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