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Interview Point

Get your interview etiquette on point!

March 12, 2019

Interview etiquettes refer to a basic code of conduct and behavior one must have while he or she is getting interviewed. It includes how you dress, greet, behave, interact, sit and so much more.

What if you are nervous? Do not worry! It is an obvious emotion.

There is nothing wrong with being nervous. But how do we tackle this nervousness? A trick that might help you, is to stop worrying about the outcome of the interview. Be there in the moment, behave your best and be your best. The fear of not landing the job makes one nervous and not the interview process.

An important etiquette that undeniably creates a good impression is to reach before time. Punctuality is a great virtue, be it professionally or personally. It shows how much you value your and employers time.

Your dress code creates the first impression, make sure you make the most of it. Follow formal dress code, be neat and simple. Don’t go overboard with your look. Be presentable and smell good. Your physical appearance enhances with a smile on face. A smiling face and a positive vibe can never go wrong.

There is a thin line between being confident and overconfident. Your qualifications, skills, and experience may be extensive but in no way, your approach should look granted and arrogant. There is nothing wrong in being sure about your expertise and skill but maintaining a learner approach always helps.

Maintaining eye contact is a form of communication. It shows how engaged and involved you are in a conversation. Give a firm handshake, don’t stagger.

Be firm while you answer. If you are unable to respond to any of the interviewer’s question, politely accept the same and move on. Giving vague answers will lead you into a negative trap.

Carry all your important documents in a properly arranged manner. Do not behave clumsy, if you are asked to submit a document, be calm and take your time.

Keep your cell phone off, do not fidget and thank the employer before you leave.

The interview process can get tiring and nerve-racking, we at EIT help our students go through various interview processes in house, guiding them along the dos and don’ts. We individually screen and guide each of our students and help them be their best version.

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