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March 11, 2019

A resume is a primary requisite while applying for jobs. It creates the first impression even before the employer meets you personally. It is a quick advertisement for yourself. Presentation and content of your resume get you to the table of the employer.

Understanding how important this piece of paper can get, it gets confusing at times as what should be included or excluded from it. Here are some tips that can help you summarize the best possible content on a resume.

Customization is very important: 

It is important to highlight the skills and experience that matches the particular job profile you are currently applying for. Organizations use keywords while screening resumes on software.

Use data and figures:

Explain how your contribution and involvement help your team/company to achieve targets wherever relevant. Say for example “recurrence of mistakes decreased by 10%”. Say for example if you have managed a team of 20 people in your previous company, include the same. Be clear and specific with numbers.

Include soft skills and exclude obvious skills:

Say for example you are applying for a web development job a statement like “proficient in Microsoft office and internet look immature. Resume is a place where you can highlight you special skills and abilities.

Feature your accomplishments both personal and professional: 

Include any special awards or recognition you have received at your workplace. You can also include any achievements or recognition you have received socially.

Make your resume grammar and spelling error free:

Even though how basic this feature may look, any lapses gives a negative impression. Do not go overboard with a variety of fonts or text effects. Always save your resume in a PDF format.

Keep it simple:

Do not experiment with some fancy formatting or colouring techniques. Resume should be a clean and uncomplicated. It should highlight your skills, qualifications and achievements.

Resume is not a place to list your personal information like height, photo, caste etc. Use terms a layperson can understand, phrases like the detail-oriented, hardworking sound too common and unreal. Inclusion of high end English words will not portray you ahead of others. You don’t have to go overboard with your resume.

In addition to above also be particular to not include anything unreal or fake with your qualification or experience just to create a positive impression. If uncovered, can lead you into serious trouble.

Make the most of your resume with these basic inclusions and get onboard. To know more on how to get hired visit our blog Tips to get hired!

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