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Digital Marketing Career- What Can You Do After Digital Marketing Training?

August 13, 2019

Digital Marketing Career has now become a preference with a boost in the industry. People who wish to invest time to learn and develop new skills are finding a Digital Marketing Training course to be a very important choice for their career. Now with the internet boom, there is a wide range of career opportunities with a proper Digital Marketing Course. So if you are planning to develop your skills and learn it efficiently with the help of a proper Digital Marketing Training Program, here is a complete guide on the different jobs available along with the different salary expectations that you can get.

1. Digital Marketing Manager:

The main job role of digital marketing is to develop and implement marketing projects. And the primary aim to come up with different marketing strategies for companies is to promote their services or products! Apart from this, they often focus on increasing sales as well as to develop brand recognition. So if you have a sound knowledge about the basic grounds, you will be able to keep up the good work throughout. Moreover, a manager must take up the responsibility of a brand to develop with the help of digital presence.

Salary Expectation:

Digital Marketing Manager: $64,459

Inbound Marketing Manager: $74,347

2. Search Engine Optimization

One of the most efficient digital marketing jobs is to opt for a career in SEO. Whether it is a brand or just a local business, almost everyone requires an SEO team that boosts its brand value and reaching out to people. According to the researches, almost 96% of the global traffic depends on the Google platform which allows the users to get better results. So this is the reason why SEO management is efficient in putting up the pieces together. If you complete the training and develop your skills well, it is evident that you can get hired immediately.

Salary Expectation:

SEO Specialist: $43,821

Inbound SEO Specialist: $50, 223

SEO Manager: $66,544

Inbound SEO Manager: $69,155

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3. Social Media Expert

Having a good social media presence is important for any brand or even a local business. Almost every brand uses social media as a key tool to generate traffic for their website or services. Having a good social media presence is vital and thus, brands and businesses opt to hire Social Media Experts frequently to boom their traffic. The main job role of the Social Media Expert is to create proper brand recognition and make it more efficient for the brand to move on. There are different job positions for a Social Media Expert to be hired.

Salary Expectation:

Inbound Social Media Manager: $54,514

Social Media Strategist: $51,248

Social Media Marketing Manager: $49,552

Social Media Manager: $49,146

Social Media Specialist: $41,702

Social Media Coordinator: $39,024

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4. Content Manager:

Content Management is one of the key job designations in any digital marketing requirement. The main role of content management is to oversee all the things related to content from the creation to the layout. The main job role of a content manager is to collaborate with freelancers, editors, graphic designers and content writers and create wonderful content that will attract the website visitors immediately. To get this job, one needs to have great leadership skills and in some circumstances, a company may ask for a degree in digital marketing.

Salary Expectation:

Content Manager: $56,709

Inbound Content Manager: $62,688


There are different opportunities for jobs after Digital Marketing Training, but to be well placed, you need to have a strong knowledge of the same. Digital marketing is not only about boosting the brand image on a digital marketing platform; it is also about generating traffic for a brand. So if you complete up a Digital Marketing Training properly, you may well succeed in getting a good job. However, if you are still seeking around for a Digital Marketing Training institution to get a certified course, you can get more from here.

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