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Digital Marketing : A booming career choice for freshers

March 04, 2019

Digital Marketing is the next big thing in the market. As per reports digital marketing is going to generate 20 lakh jobs in the coming years. An organization is going to spend one-fourth of its entire spend on digital media in the coming two years. As internet traffic is increasing, so is the market for digital media increasing. By 2021, IP traffic will reach 5 gigabytes per capita.

Aspiring a career in digital media gives you an opportunity to take up roles like Social Media Executive, SEO executive, Display media executive and many more. Each of the above is designated with different roles and responsibilities.

Customer expectations are increasing and it has become imperative for businesses to keep up to the expectations by listening and addressing the customers. Digital media has made organizations better listeners.

Data is generated to know who the customers are and what customers want. It has made organizations more thoughtful and customer aware. Digital media has bridged the gap between businesses and the customer by bringing the customer’s voice to life and has helped them to be a part of the conversation.

Companies are busy running business operations, social media marketing requires a business to engage the audience and get maximum output from their responses. It becomes difficult for companies to devote dedicated resources to study the ever-changing online marketing scenarios.

Digital Marketers help in such situations by lowering the business cost as compared to the traditional marketing methodologies. Accessing the online marketing trends and responses, digital media experts help in making the informed data-driven decision for unmatched customer experience.

Digital media is going to soar, with the increase in digital marketing spend, government’s initiative for digital India, increased number of mobile users and penetration of awareness and ease of digital world holds an immense amount of opportunity for digital marketers. It has given each and every customer voice, it is encouraging one-to-one relation with the audience. A domain full of opportunities, ideas, and growth, digital marketing is a promising career choice for young minds and also for those running their own businesses.

We at EIT offer skill and tools to our candidates aspiring to grow in this field. A perfect combination of mindset along with appropriate skills and tools can help you excel in this domain.

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