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Cyclon Fani

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May 03, 2019

Cyclone Fani Live Updates: Many Areas In Puri And Other Places Submerged

Cyclone Fani status: The cyclone currently lies about 65 km from Gopalpur and 80 km from Puri in Odisha
All India | Edited by Eppeok Institute | Updated: May 03, 2019 10:20 IST

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Cyclone Fani Live Updates: Many Areas In Puri And Other Places Submerged

Cyclone Fani: Coastal Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are on high alert.

Cyclone Fani made a landfall in Puri on Odisha coast around 8 am, triggering heavy rainfall coupled with high velocity winds with speed of 175 kmph in vast areas. The process of landfall is expected to continue for the next two hours, the weather office said. The area along Puri is witnessing winds with a speed of 142 kilometres per hour that could reach up to 180-200 kmph, Mritunjay Mohapatra, in-charge of the Cyclone Warning Division of the India Meteorological Department, was quoted as saying by news agency PTI. Large areas in Puri and other places were submerged with water as heavy rains battered the entire coastal belt of the state. Several trees were uprooted and thatched structures destroyed at some places including Bhubaneswar.

Cyclone Fani — also pronounced FONI — triggered heavy rains in parts of north coastal Andhra Pradesh, where gusty winds with speed reaching up to 180- 190 kmph uprooted trees and electricity poles, officials said. The cyclone moved close to north coastal Andhra before it made landfall in Odisha.

The Odisha government has already evacuated lakhs of people from the coastal areas to camps on higher grounds. At least 14 districts in Odisha are in the path of the Cyclone Fani. People have been evacuated from Gajapati, Ganjam, Khurda, Puri, Naygarh, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Jajpur, Bhadrak and Balasore Mayurbhanj, Dhenkanal and Keonjhar which are expected to be badly impacted by the storm. Nearly 11 lakh people have been evacuated in last 24 hrs. Ganjam and Puri evacuated more than 3 lakh and 1.3 lakh people respectively to safe shelters. About 5000 kitchens started operating to serve people in the shelters.

All flights from Bhubaneswar have been cancelled from midnight, Kolkata airport will be shut between 9.30 pm on Friday to till 6 pm on Saturday. A total of 233 trains including 73 passenger trains have been cancelled so far. After crossing Odisha, cyclone Fani is likely to move towards West Bengal before tapering off.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and disaster management agencies are fully prepared and on stand-by. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Thursday, reviewed preparedness for Cyclone Fani with his senior-most officials.

Before the cyclone

Remain calm and ignore rumours
Keep your mobile phones charged
Stay tuned to the news for weather updates
Store documents and other valuables in waterproof containers
Prepare an emergency kit
Carry out repairs at home
Don’t leave sharp objects loose
Untie cattle or other animals

During/after the cyclone (if indoors)

Switch off electrical mains, gas supply
Keep doors and windows shut
If your house is unsafe, leave early before the onset of the cyclone
Listen to a radio/transistor
Drink boiled/chlorinated water
Rely only on official warnings

During/after the cyclone (if outdoors)

Don’t enter damaged buildings
Watch out for broken electric poles, wires, other sharp objects
Seek a safe shelter ASAP

For fishermen

Keep a radio set with extra batteries handy
Keep boats/rafts tied in a safe place
Don’t venture out to sea

2. Useful numbers

Odisha’s emergency helpline number is +916742534177. Here is a list of control room numbers.

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