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Drupal is open source software that allows publishing, managing and organizing a wide variety of content on a website easier. Drupal is used to easily manage, update and publish the content on the website. Many individuals and organizations are using Drupal to create professional websites to suit their custom requirements. Because of easy creating sites, application and management, Drupal is used by many organizations. We can enhance the functionality of Drupal by adding available add-on modules.

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Key Features

  • 36 hours of instructor-led training
  • 35 contact hours/PDUs
  • 8 industry case studies, 20 industry-based scenarios
  • 29 hours of high quality of e-learning content
  • 6 hands-on project, 7 simulation test paper(200 question each)

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Course Preview

  • 1.1 Why to build to module instead of modifying source.
  • 1.2 Setting up the module file structure
  • 1.3 Writing secure code for secured drupal
  • 1.4 Using doc block comment
  • 2.1 What is hook
  • 2.2 How hooks works
  • 2.3 Basic Introduction of some hooks with examples
  • 3.1 Use entity for custom data storage
  • 3.2 Creating custom entity with a custom table
  • 3.3 Why Content Type are not for all kind of data ?
  • 3.4 Drupal default entity
  • 3.5 Using hook_entity_info() ,entity_load()
  • 4.1 Benefits of using form api
  • 4.2 Creating a simple form , validating and submitting
  • 4.3 drupal_get_form()
  • 4.4 Sending email using drupal_mail
  • 4.5 form alter
  • 4.6 autocomplete and #ajax form
  • 5.1 Understanding file_managed and file unmanaged
  • 5.2 File unmanaged with an example
  • 5.3 File managed with an example
  • 5.4 Preview files on form
  • 5.5 Validating files
  • 5.6 permanently save file
  • 5.7 Showing uploaded files using
  • 5.8 theme_image_style($params)
  • 6.1 How to invoke a theme function
  • 6.2 Creating own theme function or creating templates
  • 6.3 preprocess a theme function to alter data
  • 6.4 Adding css & js
  • 6.5 Override template files
  • 7.1 db_select()
  • 7.2 Insert Query
  • 7.3 Update Query
  • 7.4 Delete Query
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Aprajita Mondal

Here are not many institutions where Drupal is being taught with so much diversity. This institution offers you guided courses on the subject with repetitive practical classes to make the understanding better. Moreover, it gave me placement opportunities as well.

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