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Java is a general purpose, a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java is a programming language that developers use to create applications on your computer. Chances are you’ve downloaded a program that required the Java runtime, and so you probably have it installed it on your system. Java also has a web plug-in that allows you to run these apps in your browser.

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Key Features

  • 88 hours of instructor-led training
  • 35 contact hours/PDUs
  • 8 industry case studies, 20 industry-based scenarios
  • 29 hours of high quality of e-learning content
  • 6 hands-on project, 7 simulation test paper(200 question each)

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Course Preview

  • 1.1 Introduction to Java
  • 1.2 features of Java
  • 1.3 Download and install JDK/JRE (Environment variables set up)
  • 1.4 The JDK Directory Structure
  • 1.5 First Java Program through command prompt
  • 1.6 First Java Program through Eclipse
  • 2.1 Data types and Operators
  • 3.1 Control Flow statements
  • 4.1 OOPS and its application in Java
  • 5.1 Packages
  • 6.1 Statics
  • 7.1 Methods & Constructors
  • 8.1 Strings in Java
  • 9.1 Exceptions in Java
  • 10.1 Generics
  • 11.1 Serialization
  • 12.1 Threads in Java
  • 13.1 Applets
  • 14.1 Access Modifers in Java
  • 15.1 Debugging of Java Programs in Eclipse.
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Naina Garodai

If you are an It programmer like me, the best place where you can learn Java is Eppeok. The faculty is exceptional and has helped me understand the subject with both theory and practical classes. I will recommend you to learn from here.

Partha Roy

I always wanted to complete the course from here because I had heard a lot about this institution from my seniors. Certainly, the Java faculty is well experienced and the special grooming sessions with industry professionals are much helpful.

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