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HTML is surely an amazing language for declaring static documents but it stumbles when you use it for declaring dynamic views in the web applications. To extend the HTML vocabulary, the Angular.js is used nowadays in the application. The results are readable, quick, and extraordinarily expressive. It is basically a toolset that builds the framework to suit the app development. This works well with other libraries and is completely extensible. You can modify the features or replace them as per your requirement to maintain the development workflow.

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Key Features

  • 36 hours of instructor-led training
  • 35 contact hours/PDUs
  • 8 industry case studies, 20 industry-based scenarios
  • 29 hours of high quality of e-learning content
  • 6 hands-on project, 7 simulation test paper(200 question each)

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Course Preview

  • 1.1 Environment Setup
  • 1.2 Installation
  • 1.3 Project Setup
  • 1.4 Components
  • 2.1 Module
  • 2.2 Data Binding
  • 2.3 Event Binding
  • 3.1 Templates
  • 3.2 Directives
  • 4.1 Pipes
  • 4.2 Routing
  • 5.1 Services
  • 5.2 Http Services
  • 5.3 CURD by Json
  • 6.1 Forms
  • 7.1 Bootstrap
  • 8.1 CLI
  • 8.2 Q &A session
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Shantanu Sinha

The thing that i love the most about the institution is that for every module, there are relative exams for Angular.js. This has helped me in quickly learning and developing my skills in Angular.js. So thanks to the institution and I am now a successful developer.

Arunima Chatterjee

I liked the curriculum ambiance of this institution filled with Industry professionals. I attended every class of Angular.js which has always helped to strengthen my knowledge base. Thanks to the teachers who guided me throughout.

Baishali Roy

It's been 6 months that I have completed the Angular.js course from this institute. The regular classes with proper module examinations have helped me improve a lot in the field.

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