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With Advanced Excel you will learn about the advanced functions, formulae, and types of financial analysis to become an Excel power user. It is designed to allow students to gain the skills that are essential to use audit, pivot tables, analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, etc. You can collaborate with others and Mircosoft Excel formulae, macros, shortcuts, and many more to increase effectiveness and efficiency. It can perform complex and large calculations easily and allows to increase the company’s productivity.

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Key Features

  • 36 hours of instructor-led training
  • 35 contact hours/PDUs
  • 8 industry case studies, 20 industry-based scenarios
  • 29 hours of high quality of e-learning content
  • 6 hands-on project, 7 simulation test paper(200 question each)

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Course Preview

  • 1.1 Spreadsheet basics
  • 1.2 Creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets
  • 1.3 Working with functions & formulae
  • 1.4 Graphically representing data : Charts & Graphs
  • 1.5 Analyzing data : Data Menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data
  • 1.6 Working with functions & formulae Formatting worksheets , Securing & Protecting spreadsheets
  • 2.1 Use the Function Wizard, Common functions
  • 2.2(Avetage, Min, Max, Count, Counta, Round, Int)
  • 2.3 Nested functions , Name cells /ranges /constants
  • 2.4 Relative, Absolute, Mixed cell references : >,<,= operators
  • 2.5 Logical functions using IF, AND, OR, NOT
  • 2.6 The LOOKUP function , Date and time functions , Annotating formulas
  • 3.1 Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter
  • 3.2 Password Protecting Worksheets
  • 3.3 Linking Multiple Sheets
  • 3.4 Sheet Referencing
  • 3.5 Linking Between Word/Excel/Ppt
  • 4.1 What-if-analysis
  • 4.2 Goal seek
  • 4.3 Nested ifF
  • 4.4 Reporting
  • 4.5 Character Functions
  • 4.6 Date Functions
  • 4.7 Age Calculations
  • 4.8 Consolidation of Data
  • 4.9 Data Validation
  • 5.1 Enter the Pivot Table Data
  • 5.2 Create the Pivot Table
  • 5.3 Adding Data to the Pivot Table
  • 5.4 Filtering the Pivot Table Data
  • 5.5 Change the Pivot Table Data
  • 5.6 Analyze Data Columns in Pivot Tables
  • 5.7 Adjust Data to Analyze
  • 6.1 Macros
  • 6.2 Definition and use, Record a macro
  • 6.3 Assign a macro, Run a macro
  • 6.4 Store a macro, Introduction to VBA Prog.
  • 7.1 Plan a worksheet , Row and Column labels
  • 7.2 Split worksheet /box /bar, Copy data and formulas
  • 7.3 Display /move toolbars , Enhance worksheet Appearance
  • 8.1 Use multiple windows : Copy/ paste between Worksheets
  • 8.2 Link worksheets , Consolidate worksheets
  • 8.3 Import and link from other Applications
  • 8.4 Use AutoFormat : Create, use and modify styles and templates
  • 8.5 Print features : Create /edit an outline
  • 8.6 Graphic Operations:
  • 8.7 Create charts , Enhance charts, Drawing toolbar features
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Shivani Sahu

If you are willing to become a professional, learning Advance Excel is compulsory. So why not opting for it from the best Place in Kolkata? Thanks to my friend who has referred me this place and has helped me to get my course done.

Ayush Mehra

I am extremely satisfied after doing the course from here with such great career options. Thanks to the faculty who guided me throughout the course and helped me to develop my skills. I enjoyed my time here.

Surbhi Chowdhury

I was always looking for an ideal place to get the course done and thanks to my friends who referred me to this place. I could learn right from the start to the advanced levels because of the modules. This has helped me a lot.

Barsha Das

Learning Advance Excel from the Top Notch Institute in Kolkata was my priority. I researched for long hours to get admission here because I loved the course structure and the faculty. It has also provided me training options to develop my skills.

Mouli Sarkar

The faculty for the Advance Excel did an exceptional job for me to get a placement. Thanks for the institute who has made it more valuable for me to get promoted in my career. I will recommend others to join here.

Aishika Bhattacharjee

I always liked the proper educational and training ambiance in this Institute. The courses were nearly 6 months and all of them have surely helped me to develop through my career skills. Thanks to the faculty for the training.

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