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When You Should Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

September 23, 2019

Digital Marketing is continuously evolving every day. Just like the algorithms are changing every day, it is becoming a new challenge for everyone to build new strategies as well as new ways of getting the best results. You need to understand what a good strategy for developing a website is and what is not. But before this, you must know that even strategies from the past are of no use in the present. The strategies may vary depending upon the objectives as well as the nature of your business. But at times you may not achieve your expected outcome. This is when you need to change the strategies. Developing new strategies and being creative about it is very important if you wish to get immediate results. To know more, you can follow this guide on When You Should Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy to get the best results.

1. Too Many Visitors But Not Enough Customers

Getting a poor website conversion is one of the biggest problems for any website to consider. This is one of the most common signs that your strategy is not going so good. Such cases may make you feel dejected about the website and you may feel to stop working on it. But just a simple change is a strategy that may just be helpful for you. You need to make an analysis of the landing page and get accurate metrics on which page most of the visitors are landing. Take the help of a professional CRO to get the metrics. You can compare the two pages and check for the differences instantly. This will give you a clear idea of which strategy to apply.

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2. Dropping from Google’s Radar:

Generally, most of the website and brand owners depend on search engine optimization to grow their website and increase brand visibility. However, if it is not properly done, you may notice a decreasing in authority. This means that you are slowly moving out of Google’s Radar and making way for your competitors. In such cases, you need to apply new strategies for your SEO. Check for the links present in your site and know if they are working properly. Try to build more internal links which will divert more traffic to your website. When your SEO is not working properly, you need to pause the other marketing strategies and keep your focus on it before switching to something else.

3. Traffic is High Bounce Rate is Too Low

Sometimes when your site tends to grow you may see a big difference in the metrics and the bounce rates. You may also see that you are attracting a lot of traffic to your website, but most of them are leaving the site immediately. It may keep you wondering about why this is happening. However, if such situations come, you may need to think about changing the strategy as much as required. Try to use Google Analytics to get the accurate result for the bounce rate.  Apart from this, you can make some relative changes to the images and the CSS of the website. This will allow you to get better optimizing results.

4. Decreasing Email Signups:

Getting a new email signups means that you are having new customers and getting a better response from your audience. This also means that people are getting more involved with your marketing messages. This will surely help you to increase the traffic and consumers for your website. But if this does not work out and you see a rapid decline in the email signups, things may get out of control. It is now time for you to change the strategies and get the best results. To fix this issue you can look up to the email signup points of entry and the process. Check and make it simple so that the users do not face any problems in signup.

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5. Contents left un-clicked:

You may have a lot of content on your website that helps to gain traffic. But what you do with the traffic makes your website stand out. If you are just gaining traffic but the contents remain un-clicked, it may lead to a serious problem.  These situations may make you feel discouraged if the users hardly click for your content. A little change in the strategy may come up for great help. You can take a good look at the content and review them about their impact. Check whether it matches the needs of the audience or not.  A good set of writing with informative content and fulfilling the needs will surely help you to serve better.

6. Decreasing Media Mentions:

If you are marketing well, people will get to know about your brand, they will start talking about it and will give you great responses. Simply, good social media marketing skills reflect on the brand’s image and people start talking about it. However, if you see a random decline in the number of social media mentions, you may need to work on a few more things. It is time to change the marketing strategy with the help of media monitoring tools. You can have a close look at the hashtags, keywords associated with the brands and also the locations.


Are you willing to find out the reason why the website is not giving you the proper and effective results? Going for a proper digital marketing strategy is just very important for you to understand what is good and what the best strategy to find out is. You can follow more from this guide to know about digital marketing training from here.

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