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7 Reasons why discounts are not good when you choose a training program

7 points on why you shouldn’t go for discounts when you are choosing a training program. Save money by doing a low cost training course and get a low salary job or doing a course with Eppeok Institute of Technology and earn handsome salary.  Most of the times we see students looking for a low cost […]

Career In PHP or Java: Which One Is Better For Beginners?

There are a huge number of programming languages that have a lot of benefits to offer you. But in order to secure your career, you must focus on one specific programming language. Nowadays, PHP and Java both are in trend and students are more focused on learning any one of the two. However, they often […]

Top Reasons For You To Choose Digital Marketing As A Career!

Digital Marketing is now being a tremendous opportunity for most of the fresher and professionals in the industry to place their right foot for a better career. Digital Marketing has now become a vast subject and is inspiring a lot of people to join as a career choice. Infact, it has been one of the most fast-growing sectors […]

How Online Digital Marketing Course Can Help You Shape Your Career in Marketing?

Digital Marketing has become a vital part of any digital technology program to promote products as well as services. Professionals and fresher from all over the world are showing their repetitive interest in goring strong with Digital Marketing. Yes, with the advent of the internet and digital platforms, Digital Marketing has opened up several opportunities […]

How Google Analytics Help to Create Buyers Persona For Business?

Do you want to get accurate metrics of social media followers? Knowing and researching your audience is very important to promote any brand. Whether you are a marketing professional or a Business Entity, having a buyer persona on social media is very important if you wish to get accurate results and target the right set […]

Most Trending IT Training Courses for Graduates in Kolkata

Are you looking forward to establishing a career in the IT industry? There are numerous numbers of options for you to establish a successful career choice in the IT industry? There are several options for you to choose from. By choosing the right career choice for you is very important if you wish to make […]

What Every Business Owner Must Know About Digital Marketing

Since the digital realm is progressing, it is becoming the world’s second home, especially for online business owners. Slowly with the dominance of the internet, people are living more with digital life than real life. Thus with the presence of online marketing, it is the ideal time for any business owner to put a step […]

The 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses For Your Digital Success This Year

Are you a professional or a fresher looking to shape up your career in Digital Marketing? Getting a proper course for your profession is just a big advantage for you to get. At the same time, it adds weight to your profile which makes you develop your career and take time. Choosing a career in […]

Why Digital Marketing Is The Best Career Move?

Digital Marketing has become the biggest boost for most of the brands to establish their online presence. With the internet being the biggest marketplace for most of the brands, Digital Marketing becomes the key for any company to make its way on the internet. Thus, there is a lot of demand for professional Digital Marketing […]

How Digital Marketing and Web Design Training Help you Manage Your Startup?

Are you planning to opt for a startup? Opting for a startup is always an important decision to choose. But at the same time, it is also important to plan out a strategy for it. Yes, every time the decisions may not go for your favour and you still need to find different ways and […]