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How Students Can Utilized Their Quarantined Time To The Fullest?

Due to the sudden breakout of covid-19, the whole world is almost in a complete lockdown situation. This can be a difficult time for students but the question is How You as a Student Can Utilize Being Quarantined to the Fullest! Being a student, you can turn this quarantine time in your favor. Yes! With […]

Here’s how you can get back to career-building when the threat is over

The Coronavirus epidemic has put up a pause for every job and works all over the world. However, sitting back at home for a month and without any performance can lay you back. You must keep yourself updated from every step to make sure that you can get a proper boost to your career. So […]

How education is affected in the time of Corona Virus threat

The Corona Virus threat has been affecting the whole world. Not only the education, but it is also affecting the curriculum activities of students. Countries have come up with different ideas that could be the next revolution of education. With the help of such practices, things can get better. Here is a context on how […]