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Right Course of Study Can Boost Your Career

Getting guidance is always a necessary thing when you are confused about choosing the best career option for you. After completing the graduation courses, everyone seems to be confused about choosing courses. It will help them with future career prospects. But if you wish to get a better job and a lucrative salary, opting for […]

The importance of professional training

The first thing that a company or an organization considers when they try to cut down the cost is budget for professional development and training, but the truth is, this practice is counterproductive and expensive. Do you know why? Well, put in mind that proficient development can assist commerce proprietors and managers with attracting, retaining the best candidates, distinguish future leaders, and eventually, boost the outcome. Contributing to continuous education for […]

Top Highest salary paying Jobs and Careers in India

With the opening and development of the Indian economy, proficient opportunities have also seen an identical growth direction. Nowadays, not only engineers or specialists begin out their careers with well-paying jobs. Here is a list of the best five paying occupations in India, along with the compensation they can gain per annum. For most of […]

Get your interview etiquette on point!

Interview etiquettes refer to a basic code of conduct and behavior one must have while he or she is getting interviewed. It includes how you dress, greet, behave, interact, sit and so much more. What if you are nervous? Do not worry! It is an obvious emotion. There is nothing wrong with being nervous. But […]

Get some resume help!

A resume is a primary requisite while applying for jobs. It creates the first impression even before the employer meets you personally. It is a quick advertisement for yourself. Presentation and content of your resume get you to the table of the employer. Understanding how important this piece of paper can get, it gets confusing […]

Tips to get hired!

Hiring is an important process for both a company and an employee. Not getting hired for a long period of time makes a fresher demotivated. Also, long breaks in between job change can have an adverse effect on your career graph. Hiring is a tiring process for a company and for an employee too. Getting […]

Short term courses in Kolkata!

Learning and knowledge are always insatiable. The quest for knowledge in an individual makes him or her different from the rest. Short term courses act as a catalyst to enhance your professional skills or educational qualifications. These help boost our confidence and make one industry ready. One can take up short term courses to boost […]

What course to choose after Graduation?

Graduation marks an important milestone in one’s career. It opens up a variety of career choices to choose from as per your interest. You can opt for a career in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Designing and Information Technology. Choosing the right course and institute plays an important role in building your future. Each of the above […]

Communication: a dark horse in your career

Communication is an essential tool in your workplace, it helps you build relations at all levels in an organization. Professionals who invest time and effort in communicating effectively have a growing career graph. Communication as a medium both verbal and non-verbal helps build trust among peers, seniors, and customers eventually leading to healthy relationships and […]