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Best Ways to Start Your Money Blogging as a Career Option

September 12, 2019

Tired about doing a regular 9 to 5 job and getting frustrated every day while returning from office? Well, with our guide, you may get the best opportunity to make a big boost in your career. Blogging is not only about sharing your experience or information with your audience. You can use the platform to make money from it. The digital marketing and blogging platform allow you to get several options that you can use to make money. So if you want to start your blog and make money from it, here are the Best Ways to Start Your Money Blogging as a Career Option.


Best Ways to Start Your Money Blogging as a Career Option


1. Sell Private Ads

One of the best ways to make money from blogs is to use private ads. There are several brands which would like to place their ads on your blog, This is fairly possible if you are just following only one niche to blog. So if most of the traffic comes to your blog, the private firms will come over to your blog to place their ads. You can also use the Google Monetizing option to generate more money with ads. For this, you need to follow the Google AdSense guidelines and then get better results.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make more money from your blog. Several blogs are successfully using Affiliate Marketing to make more money from it. There are a lot of E-commerce giants who allow affiliate marketing options to increase their sales as well as generating more traffic. But for this, you need to achieve a minimum number of sales from your blog which will allow you to get a good amount of money. The best part is that you do not have to set any limit for Affiliate Marketing. Even your old blog posts may generate you more money every week.


3. Sell Products

Ideally, it is the best way to generate more audience for a website that sells products or is an e-commerce store b itself. Since blogs have more tendencies to be SEO optimized, they can easily be boosting the Google page charts. So if you have an e-commerce store, it is ideal for you to start a blog and make it worthy to reach out to people. This will indirectly generate you more sales which means that you can earn more money from it. You can also place public advertisements for these blogs.


4. Sell Membership

If you have a publisher website or even looking to sell discount coupons, the best way to get money is to sell memberships. So you can start a blog that will give out coupons to the audience and in return, they need to purchase a membership. Or if you have a service, you can also start a blog for the users to purchase a membership like for live streaming, or booking an appointment. So in many ways memberships can generate you more traffic and money for your site.

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5. Generate Traffic

If you have a business or a service to provide the users, one of the best ways to promote your business would be with the help of blogs and videos. Well, blogs can be easily optimized because of content value and additional information. They can easily generate millions of traffic for a website which makes a website strong and efficient. Though here, you will not directly earn from blogs, but it can indirectly generate traffic for your website and get you efficient results for making money.


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