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7 Reasons why discounts are not good when you choose a training program

June 20, 2020

7 points on why you shouldn’t go for discounts when you are choosing a training program. Save money by doing a low cost training course and get a low salary job or doing a course with Eppeok Institute of Technology and earn handsome salary. 

Most of the times we see students looking for a low cost and discounted courses but they forget that they are not shopping for their clothes or mobiles etc. ·

What you get with a low cost, discounted training program : 

1. Low cost training
2. Low quality trainer
3. Low paying job or no job after the course
4. Low on skills
5. No learning towards the end.
6. High on time waste, opportunity loss and skill learning ability loss.
7. Hunt for jobs ·

What you get with EIT’s non discounted courses : 

1. High end training
2. Best quality industry experts as trainers
3. Good jobs and companies hunt for you.
4. Get the job that you wanted with the salary you dreamt of .
5. Never ever have to accept a non deserving job.
6. To the point training program build to save your time, efforts and still give the best training.
7. Live projects, industry experts, practical exposure.

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