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7 Innovative Web Designing Trends That Are Dominating 2019

August 21, 2019

Technology is improving every day and it is becoming important for every web designer to improvise on their knowledge and make better changes. Since the competition has increased, more web designers are now focused on developing their skills and creating new trends. As a result, a lot of Web Designing Institute has already adopted the trend culture. People who are involved in web designing are quickly finding out ways to adapt to the new trends in web development. However, if you are willing to be successful in it, here is a complete guide on 7 Innovative Web designing trends That Are Dominating 2019 which you can follow.

7 Innovative Web Designing Trends That Are Dominating 2019

1. Glitch Art Design:

One of the most important trends that most of the web designing course will offer you is the glitch art design. It is a specific type of designing to bring the eyes of the audience to that part of the website. The technology is more appealing than the retro versions and thus, it becomes livelier to use glitch art. Apart from this, it gives the websites a dynamic look which is more appealing at times. In short, it is one of the oldest ways and yet more effective than others.

2. Organic Shapes:

Bringing in organic shapes is basic and probably the most important way to make a website look innovative. There are many geometric structures like squares, rectangles and triangles easily available which you can use to design a particular webpage to make it more interesting. Organic shapes are naturally asymmetrical and so this makes any page elements stand out and better to continue. The main goal is to attract the eyes on a particular section of the page.

3. Black and White:

Going for black and white will take you back to the old school responsive website design structures. In 2019, this may seem to be way dating back, but ideally, it is one of those things which make a website to be unique. In fact, black and white designs appear to be more attractive and manipulative than most of the color based designs. Adding just a minimal amount of color will make the pages more attractive and easy to highlight.

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4. Micro-Interaction:

Apart from just keeping an eye on the designing aspect, the web designers must also consider in making it an SEO friendly website. So having micro-interactions is just the one thing that you need the most with the website. It is events with purpose which helps the user to engage with the website. You can put in some simple plugins through social media sites which allow the users to log in and comment or to leave their remarks. This allows more visitors.

5. Chat-bots:

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is to make the web page responsive. Only structuring and designing with no virtual-navigation makes the website as well as the service more complicated. So it is ideal to use a virtual chat-box which helps the user to navigate to seek for a service. If your client is building a website based on service, it is very important to have such a feature along with the website. Bright colors will make them more prominent which will also invite your audience to try them.

6. Video Content:

Since content is the key for any website to make it worth standing, so why not make it more attractive? Following the trend, video content are becoming more popular and also has the scope of reaching millions of people. So ideally it is important to add several video contents that make the user easy to understand and to reach out to millions of people. Websites with more video content bring in more traffic to the site.

7. Minimalism:

Minimalizing a website is just one of the major things that web designers need to concentrate upon. It is not ideal for any website or a particular page to have several items and at the end of the day, the user gets confused. In such a situation, the user is unable to find the exact thing they need from the website. So it becomes more important to make the elements on a web page as minimum as possible. This helps the user to easily navigate and find the requirements.


If you need to get a hold of the best web design trends for 2019, you need to quickly adapt to the changes. But for this, you may need proper guidance. A correct course from the best Web Designing Institute will help you to develop your basics and will also allow you to become more creative. You can also know more information about web designing course from here.

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