IOS development

iPhone is the fast-growing mobile device and got popularity in today’s market! As the iPhone is popular, it seems like its applications will also be in high demand as well. With the release of its SDK for iPhone Apps, Apple Inc. has provided a great opportunity to the iPhone application programmer to make next-generation applications as per users demand and requirement.

Eligibility Criteria

    > Graduate in any stream
    > Knowledge in C/C++(Not Mandatory)
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  • Objective-C: The Language of Apple Platforms
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Objective-C
  • Exploring the Objective-C File Structure
  • Control statements and loops in Objective-C
  • OOPS & Memory management
  • Working with variables and constants
  • Alloc, Retain and Pass parameters in function
  • Managing memory & Auto release pool
  • Introduction to Xcode
  • Introduction to xcode and iPhone simulator
  • Creating and building simple applications
  • Delegation
  • Introduction to debugging & Life Cycle
  • Types of debugging and debugging preferences
  • Managing program execution
  • Setting and viewing breakpoints
  • Tracing the iPhone Application Life Cycle
  • Exploring Interface Builder & MVC
  • Understanding Interface Builder
  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller
  • How Xcode and Interface Builder Implement MVC
  • Building Universal Applications
  • Working with Text, Keyboards, and Buttons
  • Basic User Input and Output
  • Using Text Fields, Text Views, and Buttons
  • Displaying and dismissing of keyboard
  • Screen Orientations
  • Using Advanced Interface Objects and Views
  • Using Switches, Segmented Controls and Sliders
  • Using Image View, Picker View, Web View and Scrolling view
  • Using Toolbar and Tab Bar
  • Using Advanced Touches and Gestures
  • Getting the User’s Attention
  • Using activity indicator
  • Generating Alerts
  • Using Action Sheets
  • Using Push Notification
  • Working with Database
  • Creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with Inserts, updates and deletes
  • Parse URL (XML and JSON)
  • Displaying and Navigating Data
  • Understanding Table Views and Navigation Controllers
  • Using Custom Table View cell
  • Implementing File System Storage
  • Building Background-Aware Applications
  • Using Task-Specific Background Processing
  • Completing a Long-Running Background Task
  • Timer Control
  • NSThread
  • NSOperation Queue
  • Integrating with core services
  • Integrate iphone app with address book, Email, SMS, Map
  • Playing Media (Audio and Video)
  • Using the Photo Library and Camera
  • Real Life Project